Thursday, 12 December 2013


Here is my finished creature! I don't know if I like the color scheme yet, so I might have to experiment with it more.

Monday, 9 December 2013

I finished a layout in my applied graphics class. The layout itself is from my animatic.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Alien Designs

 These are the concepts for my alien character. The assignment was to pick 2-3 different animals and combine them into some alien creature kinda thing. The anatomy has to be believable as well so it gets a little challenging. The left is a design for the type of clothing they wear. More details on that later perhaps.

Animals/Things used: Moth, Bat, Tree bark.

Not entirely sure if I like this design yet! The second one is a little busy so I might take off his wings and replace them with something else.

A little more info on the race: "Sylvians" are a race that inhabit the planet "Mistral". Families live together in pods at the tops of the towering white trees that cover their planet. Most Sylvian families can have anywhere from 1-200 members living in one pod at a time. That being said, the size of the pod reflects usually reflects the size of the family. They are pretty advanced.

Naturally, they are tree climbers and can fly. The larger chunk of flesh that cover's their ear-drum acts as a shield because most Sylvians can go supersonic. This makes it so they don't have to use vehicles while on Mistral. However, it is necessary to use spacecraft for travel to neighboring planets.

THIS MATERIAL IS (c) to me as well... I just forgot to add my name XD
These are from the pages I managed to find. This will be updated in the future, as there are many more studies that have been/will be done.